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          Environmental Air Man?hement Products for IndustryServing the HVAC Industry Since 1955 HomeAbout UsBlogCont?dt UsRequest Information
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          R. L. Craig Company, Inc.
          11524 Commonwealth Drive
          Louisville, KY 40299
          PH: 800.252.4235,
          Fax: 502.245.1462
          Email: sales@rlcraigco.com
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          ?td id="content_area_home" valign="t?q"> ?table id="idContentTbl" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellsp?ding="0" width="100%"> R. L. Craig Co?nany, I?d. is a Manuf?d?urer's Representative
          and Distributor of Commercial and Industrial Heating, Ventilating
          & Related Air Man?hement Products

          Si?de 1955, R. L. Craig Co?nany, I?d. has been proudly serving?dustomers, contractors, and design engineers in Ken?ucky and Southern Indiana. We will help you get your projects?dompleted on time and in budget. We will provide you with quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning products at a?domxetitive price and in a timely manner. R. L. Craig Company will work hard to become yo}r teammate, business partner and preferred supplier of products and solutions. We represent over 30?dompanies who build the highest quality HVAC equipment available. Together, we are leaders in the industry.